[D2] New LLD/MLD Hybrid Runewords Coming To Market Soon

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Ok, so we know for sure that these “new” hybrid runewords existed well before now, but they are about to be opened to the public market. These are certainly not *all* of the hybrid dualwords, though. To answer some pondering questions, this does not necessarily mean that the ‘exploit’ to create these wasn’t fixed previously. The best current theory could still be plausible. With Gary noting that the servers were apparently rebuilt a while after the first emergence wave of these and the character save file size overflow fixed, the possibility that it was to repair something overlooked by Blizzard (undoubtedly) is still valid. Just because these are recently emerging to the market now does not evidently provide foundation to assumption that they were also recently freshly spawned. Exploiters could’ve easily stocked a huge cache before the fix, or they could be mass-duping original copies. There was definitely no Rust Storm-esque item filter yet. Just non-Ladder?

Based on previous posts, we know – and many, my self included, predicted – that the next introduction of hybrid items to the market after the initial “test run” runewords lost libido would be with the LLD/MLD in mind. These won’t be the last either. Feel free to purchase as many of these as you want from the various chain of item shops. Please flood the market with them as fast as possible. I have a gut feeling that clearer details will surface as we come closer to the Diablo III retail window. hukuk^^

Pointless information to toss around if you’re still entertained…

Full list of the newly offered Dualwords after the break.

edit: Heh, I’ve seen a lot of rage over these. Just to be clear, Actiblizzard is most definitely aware of these items. The team responsible was directly notified by Sixen this time last year (Read). I forgot about it, but before that I had also gone around a few topics before that and trollolol’d while mentioning these ‘new’ dualwords will be “coming later”.

Beast of Doom (Berserker Axe)
Beast of Honor (Gothic Axe)
Call of Honor (Grim Scythe)
Death of Honor (Dimensional Blade)
Delirium of Dream (Bone Visage)
Delirium of Radiance (Hunter's Guise)
Destruction of Honor (Dimensional Blade)
Destruction of Honor (Halbred)
Dragon of Dream (Troll Nest)
Duress of Peace (Mage Plate)
Enigma of Duress (Wyrmhide)
Enigma of Peace (Light Plate)
Faith of Ice (Grand Matron Bow)
Faith of Ice (Matriarchal Bow)
Fortitude of Bramble (Dusk Shroud)
Fortitude of Chains (Dusk Shroud)
Fortitude of Stone (Sacred Armor)
Fury of Chaos (Suwayyah)
Fury of Grace (Executioner Sword)
Fury of Malic (Lance)
Fury of Malice (Quhab)
Fury of Malice (War Fork)
Grief of Destruction (Colossus Blade)
Grief of Destruction (Phase Blade)
Grief of Doom (Berserker Axe)
Heart of Fortitude (Flail)
Heart of Reason (Flail)
Infinity of Insight (Halbred)
Insight of Infinity (Great Poleaxe)
Kinglsayer of Spirit (Rune Sword)
Lawbringer of Grace (Dimensional Blade)
Lionheart of Peace (Mage Plate)
Oath of Spirit (Rune Sword)
Obedience of Honor (Halbred)
Passion of Spirit (Zweihander)
Phoenix of Insight (Halbred)
Phoenix of Spirit (Dimensional Blade)
Pride of Insight (Grim Scythe)
Pride of Insight (Halbred)
Prudence of Stealth (Ancient Armor)
Reason of Spirit (Dimensional Blade)
Rift of Phoenix (Caduceus)
Rift of Thunder (Divine Scepter)
Smoke of Stealth (Light Plate)
Spirit of Exile (Sacred Targe)
Spirit of Phoenix (Monarch)
Spirit of Phoenix (Sacred Targe)
Spirit of Reason (Crystal Sword)
Splendor of Rhyme (Grim Shield)
Treachery of Peace (Light Plate)
Wealth of Peace (Light Plate)
White of Strength (Bone Wand)
Wind of Steel (Flail)
Wind of Strength (Cutlass)
Wind of Strength (Hand Scythe)
Wind of Strength (Naga)
Wish of the Dying (Berserker Axe)
Wish of the Dying (Phase Blade)

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